If one wanted to learn about Moravian theology one method would be to study our hymns. Moravians have a rich hymn writing tradition dating back hundreds of years and continuing today. Another method would be to examine the history of the Moravian church in the world. The Renewed Moravian Church has its origins in a missionary movement dedicated to sharing knowledge of Jesus Christ with the world. But if one wanted a systematic, written account of Moravian theology there is really only one source, Idea Fidei Fratrum by August G. Spangenberg.

Idea Fidei Fratrum was first published in German in 1778. Spangenberg was a bishop of the Moravian church and a leader helping to organize the missions of the church from both Europe and America. In 1779, the book was translated into English by Moravian Bishop Benjamin LaTrobe. This version was transcribed by Calvary member Rick Cochran and includes a biography of Brother Spangenberg and a new preface.

Idea Fidei Fratrum