Reflecting on Recent Events

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

We treasure these words of spiritual wisdom from Paul’s letter to the Romans. We believe these words are true because they come from God’s inspired Word, but they become even “truer” when we experience the truth of scripture in our own lives.

Recently, the Calvary congregation has journeyed through the collapse of our sanctuary ceiling. This is of course, a difficult thing. It has interrupted and inconvenienced our ministry. The sanctuary is something we take for granted as if it will always be there, a symbol of God’s eternal presence in our changing, turbulent lives.

Yet, even in the midst of this difficulty, I have seen the hand of God working, bringing good things from a ceiling collapse in our sanctuary. I have seen an increase in our attendance and participation. I have seen people pitching in and working together to help in any way they can. People are volunteering to do different things.

I have also heard people say that while they love our sanctuary, they have really enjoyed meeting in Fellowship Hall for worship. Members have remarked that they’ve met new people and that sitting close together in a smaller space has brought a greater sense of community to our church family!

In the years I have been privileged to serve as your pastor, I have witnessed one thing about Calvary Moravian. We always rise with God’s strength to meet any challenge that is placed before us! God has been so good to this congregation and I believe he is using this experience of “ceiling collapse” to draw us closer to Him and to one another. Indeed Paul was on to something — God does work for good in everything!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Lane

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