Chancel Choir

Music is one of central aspects to the worship service each week and is an inherent worship tool for all Moravians. Whether singing hymns, leading liturgies, offering choral anthems, or antiphonally singing the Hosanna with our Children’s Choir, we take great pride in learning and sharing music that enhances all of our worship services throughout the year and, most importantly, glorifies God through music. We enjoy preparing and offering a wide variety of traditional choral music repertoire, as well as sharing and perpetuating Moravian composers and arrangers from our past and present day.

The Chancel Choir is open to everyone from 6th Grade through Senior Adult. Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30 pm in the sanctuary at Calvary. Each Sunday the choir rehearses in the third floor choir room at 10:30 am for a half hour prior to the 11:00 am service.

Everyone is welcome! Anyone can learn to sing and we welcome those that want to learn, make music, and be a member of a fun-loving ensemble that strives to make a joyful noise!

Please contact Amanda Schumpert for questions or simply show up on a Wednesday evening!


Calvary’s band is deeply rooted in Moravian tradition. The band consists of musicians who play brass or woodwind instruments. The band plays a prelude every Sunday starting at 10:30. The band also plays preludes throughout the year for other services including Christmas Eve Lovefeasts, Holy Week and Easter.

Calvary’s band joins with other bands of the Salem Congregation to provide the music for the Easter Sunrise Service. Additionally the band plays at funerals for members.

If you are interested in joining the band please contact Brian Lott at:

Calvary Ringers

Calvary is fortunate to have 5 octaves of Schulmerich Handbells and 4 octaves of Malmark Handchimes with which to ring. Our handbell choir plays between 8 and 10 times per year, including our three Christmas Eve Lovefeasts and during each Holy Week.

Rehearsal are from 9-9:45am each Sunday morning, just prior to Sunday School. Our rehearsal room is on the 3rd floor, located near the elevator.

In learning to play these beautifully crafted instruments, we learn rhythm, musicality, note reading, and how very important it is to work in an ensemble. Each person is vital to the success of our choir. Similarly to the Chancel Choir, anyone is welcome, and anyone can learn to ring!

Please contact Amanda Schumpert for questions or if you are interested in giving ringing a try!

Children’s Choir

Music has historically been central in development and learning basic, fundamental skills. Through music children learn concepts of melody and harmony, they learn to listen and strengthen auditory senses. They learn to imitate and create, they learn rhythm, fine motor skills, how to sing, and how to work within a group or by themselves. Music is a skill and natural concept that lies in every child and is often used as their first form of expression. At Calvary Moravian, we work in both small and large ways, to help children foster their musical senses and keep them as a central, life-long form of individual and shared worship.

Children, ages 3 years through 5th grade meet each week at 9:45am (at the start of Sunday School) in the third-floor children’s music room. We also meet from 6-6:25pm each Wednesday evening during our Calvary@TheTable programming. This program runs for ten weeks each fall and ten weeks each winter/spring.

We teach using hymns, children’s Bible songs, Laurel Ridge camp songs, as well as simple rhythm games and melodies. Our children’s choir sings approximately eight times a year, including during Advent, at our three Christmas Eve Lovefeasts, and on Palm Sunday to begin our Holy Week experience. Every child is welcome and encouraged to come learn with us!

1925 Historic Hook and Hastings Organ

Calvary’s organ was built by the Hook and Hastings Co. of Boston, Massachusetts which was in business from 1827-1936. The Opus Number 2510 is inscribed in various places inside the organ. A graffito on the wall inside the organ says: “organ installed March 18, 1926, W.C. Greenwood, J.B. Wilson.” Mr. Greenwood was descended from Joseph Greenwood, who established an organ-building company in England about 1825.

The organ is the only specimen of its type surviving in this area. It is part of the original equipment of the building and was unaltered until 1983, when E.C. White carried out a conservative modernization plan drawn up by James Boeringer. The console (originally at the far right of the choir loft) was moved to the middle of the case. Twelve bass pipes extended the Tuba into a Pedal Trombone, and twelve new treble pipes in each Great stop made the four-foot coupler functional. A new setter board put the couplers under piston control. All original parts were preserved unchanged. After the modernization of the original organ, a Dedication Service was held on October 9, 1983.