Women’s Fellowship

The purpose of this fellowship is to unite in Christian fellowship all the women of the church, in order to deepen our spiritual lives through increased knowledge of the scriptures and Moravian mission work.

The Women’s Fellowship sponsors the annual Lenten Day of Prayer, Christmas Lovefeast Candle trimming, social events of the church, and various fund raising projects. With its funds, the Women’s Fellowship supports both local and foreign benevolences, provides for bereaved families, keeps the kitchen equipment current, and contributes to selected projects within the church and the women of the Southern Province.

There are three active circles of the fellowship which meet monthly September through May: two circles meet at the church or at a home and a night circle also meets in the homes of its members. . Each circle has a Bible study, a mission study and a project. Each circle shares in ministry to the shut-in members of the church, remembering them in various ways throughout the year. There are 2-4 meetings of the entire fellowship each year with selected programs of general interest.