Anthony’s Plot Volunteer Opportunity

Salem Congregation Brothers and Sisters,

Russ May is glad to report that the professional lead abatement work at Anthony’s Plot (2323 Sunnyside Ave) will be completed by this Wednesday. We are able to assist with some volunteer interior painting at Anthony’s Plot in some areas not covered by the professionals. The time-frame for when volunteer painters can best work is between Thursday February 8th and Sunday February 18th. Fries will have a team volunteering this Thursday February 8th.

Please pass along this opportunity for individuals or small groups who may have a day, or a few days, available to do some painting. The cost of the paint can be covered, but brushes, rollers, etc should be provided by volunteers who have some painting experience. This is not a project conducive to youth teams. It is not a huge project, but more than Russ can handle individually. Later, we will address exterior painting opportunities (which are more extensive).

To coordinate our volunteer response, please send the contact information of potential volunteers to Heather Stevenson at the Board of Cooperative Ministries office ( 336-722-8126). Since Heather stays in touch with Russ, we will thus have a team approach to tracking volunteers, thank yous, etc.

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