How to Join our Fellowship

There are four ways to become a member of our congregation:

  1. By baptism as a child, and confirmation of faith in later years.
  2. By baptism as an adult. This is for persons who were not baptized as children, who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, and who desire to become members of the church.
  3. By Reaffirmation of Faith. This is for persons who have previously confirmed their faith (by confirmation or adult baptism) but who have not been active members of a congregation for some time.
  4. By transfer of membership from another Moravian or Christian Church by persons reaffirming their faith. This is particularly for persons in good standing of another congregation who wish to to change their membership. A letter of transfer, or similar commendation, is required from the former congregation.

Membership in all categories is reviewed and approved by the Board of Elders.

Associate Membership

Communicant members of this congregation in good standing may transfer their membership to another Moravian congregation or to the congregation of another Christian Church and retain an associate membership in this congregation provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. They apply in writing for permission to retain an associate membership when they request a letter of transfer.
  2. They pay in full the annual assessment for associate members fixed by the Board of Trustees.

What We Expect of our Members

​Our Rules and Regulations outline what is expected of those wishing to unite with our congregation:

  1. Seek to be a sincere follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. Attend worship regularly.
  3. Participate regularly in the Holy Communion.
  4. Contribute to the financial support of the Church as the Lord prospers, and pay in full all pledges made for the support of the church. Members at any time may change their pledge or ask to be excused from financial support of the Church.
  5. Conform to the provisions of the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living and the Rules and Regulations of this congregation.

Who do I contact if I want to join?

Our pastors will be glad to discuss this with you. An appointment can be made with the pastors to visit your home or you may make an appointment with one of our pastors at the church. Please call the church office to schedule a time to speak with a pastor.

Membership Classes

Annually or bi-annually the pastor will hold a series of Inquirer’s classes covering the history, doctrine and practice of the Moravian Church. These classes usually last from 4-6 weeks and are offered from 9:45-10:45 am on Sunday mornings. Notice will be given as to when these classes are offered each year in the monthly newsletter and the weekly bulletin.