February–October 1965

Rev. Mervin Weidner     The congregation rejoiced when Reverend Mervin Weidner was called to Calvary and installed as pastor on February 7, 1965. He was a native of Emmaus, Pennsylvania but had married one of our own, Catherine Brandon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Brandon. Their five children were Carol Ann, Tim, Nanette, Martha and Jane. Brother Weidner was an energetic administrator who had not only served as pastor of the long established First Moravian Church in Philadelphia but had shown also exceptional ability as an organizer of new congregations: He had organized and was first pastor of Midway Manor in Allentown, Pennsylvania, then became Director of Church Expansion in California where he organized the Downey and Covina congregations. Thereafter he was Director of Church Extension in Florida and organized the Coral Ridge and Boca Raton congregations.

One of Brother Weidner’s contributions was the establishment of our Day Care center, one of the first in our community to be licensed by the State. Weidner was concerned not only that our new C.E. wing be used more than one hour per week, but also he saw a Day Care center as a means for Calvary to extend its influence and its area of service in the community. A feature of the Calvary Day Care program was that it would provide kindergarten instruction to those enrolled at no extra cost to their parents. The Center, which happily still continues its splendid work today, was opened in September 1965. Mrs. G.T. Lumpkin was first Director, Mrs. J.J. Murphy was teacher and Mrs. Anna Cobb was administrative assistant. Unfortunately, after a short 7 months at Calvary, Brother Weidner received a call on August 30, 1965 to become Pastor of Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem, the oldest Moravian congregation in the United States, where he succeeded the Reverend Walser Allen. He was installed there on October 17, 1965.

Again Calvary was without a pastor.

This time, however, the Provincial Elders Conference lost no time in calling a new pastor for Calvary. They selected a gregarious Winston-Salem native with infectious high spirits, the Reverend J. Calvin Barnes to assume our pulpit. He was installed on November 21, 1965. It proved a happy choice.

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