As Calvary begins its second century, the congregation finds itself in a vastly changing neighborhood and a vastly changed world. The Protestant and Christian consensus that existed in our youth in Winston-Salem is largely gone. For the first time in generations we live in a society in which our Christian faith has become quaint and irrelevant to many or, at worst, foolish superstition. As a result, the Christian church’s role in this nation is no longer nurturing and perfecting those who are already Christian, but rather converting the pagan majority of our fellow citizens.

But it must be remembered that our world at Calvary has also changed profoundly from the vast virgin forest of “Winston Reservation” 100 years ago, to the asphalt paving lots and rooming houses of today. With the Lord’s help, we have adapted to those changes. And we will continue to adapt:

Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.
Jesus still lead on!

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