“New Calvary” Note second row of dormers, and lantern on steeple, both now removed.


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Calvary Moravian Church
Centennial History
Hamilton C. Horton, Jr.

The Centennial Committee
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1994


To those of our Congregation, that “great cloud of witnesses, the innumerable company of those who have gone before and entered into rest,” and who left us as inheritors of their—and—our beloved Calvary.


Foremost must be the Centennial Committee and its Chairman Richard Henderson who made publication of this little History possible. Also we acknowledge with special thanks the Moravian Archives and its helpful and solicitous staff, those who over the years have preserved congregational scrapbooks and other tangible records, and those of our elders who provided their own recollections: Brothers and Sisters Lucille Atwood, L.C. Bruce, Sarah Harris, John Harrison, Ruth White, Sadie Smith and Etta Schultz. Dr. James Boeringer, who left an indelible legacy of organ performance and compositions for our choir, provided invaluable expertise in knowing just how and where to publish this History, and our Pastor, the Reverend Gary Marsh offered unfailing cooperation and enthusiasm for the project.

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