Centennial History (1893-1993)

The following Centennial History of Calvary Moravian Church was compiled by Hamilton C. Horton, Jr., a long time member of the Calvary Congregation.The history was one of many activities undertaken to commemorate the Centennial. Three years in the planning, a full year of programs, publications, publicity and celebrations in 1993 marked the Centennial of Calvary’s organization. Richard Henderson headed the Centennial Committee.

This Centennial History describes the genesis of Calvary Moravian Church and details how its development parallels the growth of the Moravian denomination and the Winston-Salem area. It also does a masterful job of recognizing the key families and individuals, including pastors, who have given Calvary Moravian Church its character and strength.

We invite you to read this history to learn about our roots and how Calvary Moravian Church has served its members and the community for so many years.

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